The Best Walk-In Tubs of 2023

How We Found The Best Walk-In Tubs

What You Should Know About Walk-In Tubs

  • Seniors with reduced mobility or who are at risk for falls may have difficulty entering and exiting a traditional bathtub.
  • Walk-in tubs increase safety but are expensive and cost multiple thousands of dollars.
  • State Medicaid programs and waivers may help low-income seniors afford a walk-in tub.
  • Loans and grants are additional financial assistance options that can bring down the costs of purchasing and installing a walk-in tub.

Many Americans want to “age in place,” that is, stay in their own homes as they get older. According to a 2022 survey of the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging, nearly 9 in 10 American adults (88%) aged 50-80 felt the importance of staying at home for as long as possible. Many other seniors wish to stay with relatives long-term instead of moving into a retirement community. For seniors discussing one of these two options with their loved ones, the key question is, “how can I make my daily routines within this home easier on my body?”

Seniors can modify their homes and routines in many ways so that personal care becomes safer. Installing a walk-in tub is one popular option to increase safety, comfort, and independence. Walk-in tubs usually include many modifications that the National Institute on Aging recommends for “fall proofing” a home.

To help you better understand walk-in tubs and how to choose one, we’ve created a guide that profiles walk-in tub companies and their products. You’ll find details about pricing, warranty, installation, customer service, safety features, tub styles, upgrades, and more. As you shop, this guide can help you narrow your list of companies to ones that offer the services you value.

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