Let me make this simple Stacey is amazing! I work in L.A. County and was worried about working with someone outside my County. I did not know what to expect but since day one she understood my needs, wants and most important what was within my budget. I’m by no means a wealthy gal but she took care of me 24/7 and made me feel like if I was buying a million dollar home 🙂 I don’t mean to over credit her but in this industry hard working professionals like her are hard to find. She gave me all the pros and cons of the homes I was interested in. I respected her honesty and how down to earth she was about me choosing the perfect home. Like many I felt prepare for the financing process but there was a major problem, she refer me to a new lender that properly process my loan docs and HUALA!! I manage to close escrow with a slight delay but ultimately it worked itself out and now I have a little cool pad in Kern County that I call my Little Oasis. Even now, after months of closing she continues to assist me if I have doubts, questions or concerns. Don’t hesitate working with Stacey she ROCKS!!!!