Working with Stacey was such an incredible experience. She was the listing agent, and I asked her if she would represent me also, so she was a dual agent for the transaction. Stacey was from the get-go very professional, friendly, and informative. You can tell right away in talking to her that she has been doing this for a long time, has the answers to every single question, and has got a ton of experience! I am a first-time buyer, so I had a lot of questions, doubts, and fears, but she made me feel helped, guided, and supported. One thing that really surprised me was how patient, talented and dedicated she was, and how she would take the time to go through everything, to thoroughly answer every single question I had, to make sure I was aware of every single detail in the transaction, and that I felt comfortable moving forward. Stacey connected me with the escrow company, home insurance companies, and property inspector, and took care of every single aspect. Like this wasn’t enough, she had my back when the lender backed out of the deal, and immediately connected me with a reputable mortgage company that took over and ended up giving me the loan. I always heard of how hard the home buying process can be, but Stacey, her team, and her referrals made everything quite simple and fast. Stacey, you are incredible, and I am eternally grateful to have known you and worked with you. Best of luck to you, and much success!!