Stacey was an excellent resource who understood exactly what I was looking for and was very knowledgeable about the area. She did an excellent job assisting me to locate the property that worked best for me and then presenting offers to the seller and documenting all necessary items. The escrow was a breeze with her, she was fantastic about communicating with me, providing me with her advice when needed and about respecting my decisions. She was there with me for the entire home inspection and was a great help through the entire process!

I am a very hard to please and often critical person with extremely high expectations. I have been employed in various aspects of the real estate industry for most of my life so I have an intimate knowledge of what a good realtor should do. Stacey was an great realtor who not only met, but exceeded my expectations! I will use her again should I be ready to sell or purchase real estate in the area and will definitely recommend her to my friends which is something I don’t take lightly.

I am excited to be moving into the area and look forward to joining the community. My overall experience was excellent with Stacey, the sellers and every aspect of the transaction.