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Surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest only 1 1/2 hours from Los Angeles, two hours from Santa Barbara and Ojai, stands the beautiful Old Bear BnB in secluded Pine Mountain Club, CA, the only BnB between Ojai and Tehachapi, and one of only two BnB’s in all of Kern County, the essence of opportunity for a interested innkeeper.

Set amongst 100 year old Jeffrey and Ponderosa pines and in the shadow of Mount Pinos, (the best location for stargazing in Southern California), the Old Bear, with its six bedrooms and four baths is a unique and successful Mountain Lodge opportunity. Using AirBnB , social media and tremendous word of mouth , it has, for the last 13 years, brought a restful and memorable stop for travelers moving through California and a reliable source of income for the owners.

A short departure from the Interstate 5 corridor brings you to the splendor of the mountains and the sublime rest of this unique BnB experience.

Successful every one of its 13 years, the Old Bear is perched ready for the next tired traveler looking for respite in an idyllic mountain village.

And the guests come from just about everywhere thanks to Air BnB and YELP. From Dubai to Duarte, New York to New Zealand, Bakersfield to Beijing they have come and more will follow as social media expands in our everyday lives.

The current innkeepers will remain in the neighborhood and will be available to mentor the new owners, assisting in a smooth, uninterrupted transition from one fabulous adventure to the next in the life of this precious, rare lodging experience.

And the accomodations. All of the rooms are charmingly themed, and there are 5 of them along with 4 bathrooms.

The ORION Room- With a night sky theme, stars and constellations are everywhere, with the real thing, (including the recurring International Space Station fly-over and meteor showers) just outside the door.

The PINEVIEW Room- Looks out on our forested back yard and delivers a delightful sense of privacy between the BnB and our neighbors.

The COWBOY Room- Western themed with cowboys, cowhide and ‘no spurs in bed, please’, it has a view of the forest, the town and Pine Mountains Club’s nine hole golf course.

The BLUEBIRD Room- an intimate room with an avian eye on detail, looking out on the bird feeders. And with the available birding journals, you can name and classify your fine feathered friends flocking to their morning feast. Woodpeckers to Great Horned Owls, Stellars Jays to Red-Winged Blackbirds, Cooper’s Hawks to Northern Flickers and many many more are all here…twenty-eight species in two hours is the record so far.

The GARDEN ROOM is only a step away from a lovely sitting spot, where the breeze ruffles your hair and the flowers tickle your nose.

The main living room with its large wood stove, piano and open floor plan hosts weddings, concerts, wine tastings as well as quiet evenings staring into the fire, enjoying s’mores and a nice cup of tea or glass of whatever pleases you.

And the food? Fantastic! With the outstanding ‘Old Bear’ family style full breakfasts, guests can dine with travelers from the world over, sharing experiences, thoughts, hikes, sights and loads of laughter with folks that they would otherwise never meet.

A large outdoor spa in the gazebo is the perfect place to watch a snowstorm holding a glass of fine wine. With horseshoes to be played in the front yard it is the perfect BnB experience.

The Village. Picturesque Pine Mountain Club boasts seven restaurants and eateries which would give any restaurant anywhere a run for its money.

Pickleball, Tennis Golf, Hiking, Horseback riding in the summer, sledding, snowboarding, cross-county skiing and snow angels in the winter, along with that wood stove, your weekend is set. Along with the hot tub and a fully fenced back yard, guests have all that they need for their getaway, which could include the kids and their furrier members of the family.

With activities, art, music and theater and always the photo ops, Pine Mountain Club is the perfect place to rest and recharge, for one person or a whole family And the OBBB is the perfect spot to host the rejuvenation.

Only 1 ½ hours from L.A. and one hour from Bakersfield, the Old Bear is the perfect spot to get away too and, for the lucky buyer, it is an incredible opportunity to stretch your housing dollar while having the best time in your life.

People need to ‘get away’ occasionally and but with Mammoth 6 hours away, if you can travel for under 2 hours and have many of the same adventures, why wouldn’t you?

At just 499K, a fraction of the cost for a similar business anywhere else, the OBBB promises an outstanding adventure, all while living in one of the most beautiful spots in all of California…and it is near to all without the hassle of getting there.

Come visit the OBBB and see if the adventure is for you. Moving here could be the best thing you will ever do.

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